Greet your creative work with patience and gratitude as it slowly unfolds.


Artists in Residence ​​

Nicole Pisciotto

 Jackie Stenzel   Bohemian Tribe

​​Performing Artists at Shanti over the years

Liz Myers

Singer, Sound Healer, Creator

Q Rich Ortiz

Master of Musical Performance & Creation

Edwin Masters

Master of the Guitar

The Brothers Burns

Hip Hop Innovators - Dominic & Jesse

Gia George

Healing Musician/Spiritual Intuitive

 Jamie Shadowlight

 Violin Ninja

  Gregory Page
Songwriter Extraordinaire

     Fast Heart Mart

     Sonic Folk Rock Music

  Mimi Zulu

       Singer, Lyricist, Poet

Past Visual Artists


 Vanessa Freedom

Alec Walsh

Samahria Alpern  

Q Rich Ortiz

Peter J, Geise

Eva Holland

​​​​​​​Julio Frizza

Brian Rojas

Mikhail Khodzhayants

Chau Matser

David Michael Barnett

Pablo Aguilar

Rachel LaBarre

Sandy Levin

James Knight

Stephanie West

Michelle Montrose